6 best things to do in Buenaventura, Panama

Horseback riding

Whether you are an expert jockey or you are looking to have your first experience riding a horse, Las Cuadras equestrian club, along with Buenaventura’s beautiful trails and luscious landscapes, will make this an unforgettable experience. Enjoy a romantic ride on the beach, or a family adventure filled with fun.

A visit to the zoo

The Buenaventura Zoo is a wildlife rescue center that serves as the perfect space and opportunity to learn more about different species, their behavior, and their conservation. You can meet Claudia, the spider monkey, and Zeus, the cockatoo. The zoo serves as a rehabilitation center for animals, and in turn teaches us kindness and compassion towards them. 

Butcher’s at Martini

During the summer, you can enjoy delicious burgers and refreshing cocktails at Martini Beach, where the Butcher’s Truck by Muh is parked. Here, you can play some beach volleyball, swim in the ocean or simply watch the waves while you enjoy a nice meal. Also, don’t miss out on the parties and special events organized by the Buenaventura community at Martini!

Dinner at Tai Kai

The twinkling lights hanging from the ancestral Corotú tree dress the nights at the Corotú Plaza with a romantic ambience that is perfect to enjoy in great company. At Tai Kai, you can find a variety of appetizers, cocktails, and of course the best sushi in Panama’s Pacific Riviera. Tai Kai has become a popular meeting place in the evenings for friends and family to enjoy.

Play ball

Regardless of you athletic prowess, the Buenaventura Sports Club has something for every taste. You can enjoy the semi-olympic swimming pool, the basketball court, tennis courts, padel court, gym, and multi-purpose room. You can also take advantage of the events organized by the Buenaventura Sports Club such as tournaments, camps, and classes with national and international instructors.


Of course, our number one thing to do in Buenaventura is to enjoy the Nicklaus Design championship golf course with water features, Corotú trees and Paspalum Platinum grass. The Buenaventura Golf Course has been internationally recognized as the best golf course in Panama and one of the top golf courses in Central America. You can also take advantage of the Buenaventura Golf Academ, which features FLIGHTSCOPE technology, a system to follow the trajectory of the ball. The player can have his clubs made to measure with the use of technology, adapting their gear to their swing and thereby notably improving the impact and flight of the ball.