Luxury Vacation Rentals & Exclusive Perks

Let finding the perfect vacation rental be the least stressful part of your vacation. With Buenaventura Rentals, you can live the Buenaventura experience by staying at one of our luxurious properties in the most exclusive beach community in Panama, and also enjoy all its amenities with special discounts and benefits that are unique for Buenaventura residents.

Currently, booking through this site is only possible with a PayPal account. If you would rather pay directly with your credit card or another method of payment, contact us at


Look for the Buenaventura Guarantee seal to be sure that the property you are renting in Buenaventura is backed by Buenaventura Rentals. This way, you can ensure that with your reservation, you also get access to all the amenities in Buenaventura, special discounts, and priority access at the security checkpoint, among others. Read about all the exclusive perks you can get through Buenaventura Rentals here.

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