Terms & Conditions

The legal representative of BUENAVENTURA RENTAL & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT INC., corporation duly incorporated under Folio 844963, of the Mercantile Section of the Section of the Public Registry, hereinafter referred to as THE LESSOR and the other party, hereinafter THE LESSEE, who is interested in short-term leasing the property provided by THE LESSOR.

The parties agree to enter into this Lease Agreement in accordance with the following CLAUSES:

FIRST: THE LESSOR grants THE LESSEE a lease for the unit chosen by THE LESSEE, hereinafter referred to as THE PROPERTY.

SECOND: THE LESSEE may use THE PROPERTY for housing or lodging purposes, but not for subleasing or commercial purposes. THE LESSEE must comply with the Regulations of Co-ownership and Codes of Use and additionally agrees to not exceed THE PROPERTY’S maximum occupancy established in the booking information of THE PROPERTY.  In the event of exceeding the number of persons reported at the time the reservation is made, a fine in the amount of US$50.00 per additional person per night will be imposed, or THE LESSEE will agree to pay the difference resulting from relocation to a property that accommodates the corresponding number of persons. If no property is found to accommodate the new number of persons, THE LESSOR is not responsible for finding alternate accommodations.

THIRD: The term of this agreement is for the duration of the booking selected by THE LESSEE.

FOURTH: THE LESSEE agrees to pay a lease fee established in the booking process for use of THE PROPERTY. If any damage is found in the apartment, which proves are attributable to THE LESSEE, they must repair it at their cost.

Upon termination of this agreement, and after the condition of THE PROPERTY leased has been verified, THE LESSOR will eliminate the credit card or payment method information provided by THE LESSEE no later than seventy-two (72) hours after vacating THE PROPERTY, after the inspection carried out shows no damages that are attributable to THE LESSEE. In the event of damages to THE PROPERTY, said damages will be quoted and deducted from the THE LESSEE’s provided payment method, and

FIFTH: There will be no refunds in case of no-show, and in the event of cancellation, cancellation policies will apply according to the type of rate as described in Annex A, integral to this agreement.

SIXTH: THE LESSEE will allow THE LESSOR to inspect THE PROPERTY. It is agreed, and THE LESSEE accepts, that THE LESSOR may inspect THE PROPERTY, with notification of at least forty-eight (48) hours or two (2) days, either personally or through a designated representative, ensuring its appropriate use, as well as to carry out any repairs or preventive maintenance to any of the household appliances located in THE PROPERTY object of this lease agreement. It is likewise agreed that said inspection will take place during business hours, between eight a.m. and five p.m.

SEVENTH: THE LESSEE accepts full responsibility for any damages caused to THE PROPERTY during the stay, pursuant to this agreement. Accordingly, THE LESSOR is fully authorized to use the payment method information for repair any damages caused by THE LESSEE. THE LESSOR will not be responsible for any harm caused to persons or material damages caused during THE LESSEE’S stay at the leased PROPERTY. THE LESSOR will not be responsible for any articles lost or left behind at THE PROPERTY. 

EIGHTH: THE LESSEE will be responsible for the keys to THE PROPERTY delivered at the beginning of the lease agreement. Upon termination of the lease, THE LESSEE will return the keys pursuant to instructions given at the time THE PROPERTY is delivered. In the event THE LESSEE loses a key, a key replacement fee of US$50.00 will be applied.

NINTH: In the event THE LESSEE has a request or needs to report damage to the leased PROPERTY, he/she must notify the Buenaventura Rental & Property Management office. The contact information can be found in the Welcome Kit left at THE PROPERTY that contains all the required information.

TENTH: THE LESSEE acknowledges and agrees to comply with the following stipulations established by THE LESSOR regarding pets, smoking, and children.

Violation of this clause by THE LESSEE will give THE LESSOR the right to terminate the lease agreement and add an additional charge of US$100.00 for treatment of odors, fleas and/or pet fur.

ELEVENTH: THE LESSEE agrees to care for THE PROPERTY with due diligence and return THE PROPERTY in the same condition it was received.

TWELFTH: THE LESSOR and THE LESSEE accept the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.

THE LESSOR issues this document and THE LESSEE agrees to it and the Annexes mentioned above, by completing the booking process of THE PROPERTY and its payment.




    • Check-in begins at 3 pm and Check-out is at 12 noon. Late Check-out is available at an additional cost.
    • You have 72 hours for a short-term reservation and up to 7 days for a long-term reservation after selecting the property to complete the requested documentation and make the corresponding payment
    • No cash or quasi-cash payments are accepted
    • If for any reason the selected property is not delivered, the customer will receive an upgrade that will be included in the
    • If the amount of guests increases to over the property’s capacity once payment has been received, the corresponding penalties will apply.


  • If the cancelation occurs 30 or more days prior to check-in, the full amount will be reimbursed to the method of payment
  • If the cancellation occurs between 29 and 14 days before check-in, 50% of the amount will be reimbursed
  • If the cancellation occurs less than 14 days before check-in, no amount will be reimbursed
  • Long-term rentals
    • If cancellation occurs 45 days or more before check-in, the full amount will be reimbursed
    • If cancellation occurs less than 45 days before check-in, there will be a charge of the property’s first month of rent and the rest will be reimbursed to the preferred payment method.

Any changes or cancellations must take place in writing. Verbal or telephone agreements are not acceptable. Please send your cancellation request by e-mail to: info@buenaventurarentals.com with the following information:

  1. Customer’s full name
  2. Date of stay
  3. Confirmation number

Your request will be processed, and if it complies with the unit’s cancellation conditions, we will refund the corresponding amount to your credit card.

To avoid cancellation fees, we recommend you only make reservations when your travel dates have been secured.

Having read the above and pursuant to all the terms and conditions, rates, and dates contained in this agreement, the parties sign this document stating the legal ability to do so on their behalf or on behalf of third parties.